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"Bakkehuset'" (which means The Hill-house ) is a museum exhibiting literature, art and culture from the Danish "Golden Age", a period from 1800-1850. The museum centres on the literary husband and wife Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek, who owned the house from 1802 until 1830. Their home became a meeting place for many of the writers, artists and intellectuals of the Golden Age. Here the concerns of the period were aired, and Bakkehuset's rooms were filled with talk of art, literature, philosophy and science. Famous Danish authors such as H.C. Andersen and Adam Oehlenschläger as well as scientists like the physicist H.C. Ørsted visited the house. This is why Bakkehuset, as a meeting place for influential people, had a durable impact on Danish Literature and Cultural History.

Bakkehusets's permanent exhibition displays Kamma and K.L. Rahbek's restored apartment with many of their furnishings, and objects related to the numerous writers and intellectuals who came to their home at that time. One of the museum's rooms is a library with books from different authors of the Golden Age. Taken together with the surrounding romantic garden, the house gives a unique and authentic insight into 19th century lifestyles and culture.

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