In Bakkehuset's museum shop you can buy things you just can't get anywhere else. Here you can find literature on the Bakkehuset's literary circle and on the historical place of flowers. All these exquisite items are a source of further inspiration and exploration.

Architect and designer Amanda Betz has designed and produced a unique creation; boxes, postcards, bookmarks and keychains directly inspired by Kamma Rahbek's craftsmanship. Many of the shop's products are directly inspired by the history of Kamma Rahbek, Bakkehuset’s intellectual circle or its romantic garden. Nothing is left to chance, if you are looking for the perfect hospitality gift, a Christmas present or if you just want to treat yourself.

Many of our items are available in the museum shop or can be purchased in the Frederiksberg Museum's web-shop. The web-shop also sells a selection of goods from all five museum shops and exhibition sites. Read more about opening hours


butik pavillion 


butik Amandas bogmærker 1



butik Amandas æsker 2


butik blyanter