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Five unique experiences

Frederiksberg Museums consists of three museums, The Storm P Museum, Alhambra and Bakkehuset and the two exhibition sites The Cisterns (Cisternene) and Møstings Hus.

All of these sites lie within walking distance of each other and are connected by Frederiksberg’s two beautiful parks Søndermarken and Frederiksberg Have. Together we would like to invite you to share the knowledge and experience that is born of these five places - from the performing arts, literature, the visual arts, architecture and music. Through the critical ability, humour and perspective that these art forms grant, we can simultaneously take a modern point of view and see it through the lens of 300 years of history. Through changing exhibitions and ongoing events we create a unique framework for the acquisition of knowledge, pique curiosity and raise awareness and thus increase dialogue and inclusion.

Every cultural experience can be tailored to meet the individual's wishes. You can immerse yourself in Storm P.’s humorous quirks at the museum devoted to his works, dive into the underground world of The Cisterns, and experience the changing of the seasons in the parks of Søndermarken and Frederiksberg Have. Then walk in the footsteps of Adam Oehlenschläger and reach out and touch the Danish Golden Age in Bakkehuset's beautifully decorated rooms and historic garden. Enjoy coffee, tea and food inspired by the ingredients of the time in the Orangery. Along the way you can see an exhibition of the latest contemporary art in Møstings Hus and experience the sting of political humour and satire of the Alhambra.


Combined Entrance Ticket

The Frederiksberg Museums offers a combined ticket as a simple solution for the culturally inquisitive visitor who wants to see it all! If you want to experience all of the museums or maybe just visit a few of the sites, this combined ticket provides an opportunity to visit what you desire at an affordable price. If you do intend to visit all five of Frederiksberg’s cultural touchstones then the combined ticket can save a tidy sum. The combined entrance ticket also makes for a great gift if you wish to please someone dear to you.

  • The combined ticket permits you to make a single visit to all five museums and exhibition sites in one year, valid from the date of purchase.
  • You are free to choose how you allocate your visits; it could be on specific exhibitions, lectures and guided tours for the public etc. The proviso being that it is for the museums' own exhibitions and that the events chosen are available at normal admission prices.
  • The price is 145 DKK which also includes a free cup of coffee or tea; this can be redeemed using the combined ticket at Møstings Hus.
  • The combined ticket can be purchased at all venues except Møstings Hus. We also sell combined tickets at Bakkehuset's Museum Shop and in the Frederiksberg Museums’ web-shop.