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Visit Kamma Rahbhek's wonderful garden

During a walk in Kamma Rahbek's romantic garden the visitor can experience the aesthetics, the colours and even the authentic aromas of the 19th century in a uniquely evocative way. The garden is open in spring, summer and autumn but its colours are at their best in May and June. During the summer season there are musical events, dance arrangements and other activities in the garden. A tour of the garden is the best way to complete a visit to Bakkehuset. During the summer make sure not to pass up the opportunity to visit The Orangery Restaurant for lunch, to try delicious open sandwiches, Danish deserts, wine, beer and coffee.
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The Museum Garden Today

The Museum was established in 1925 and from then on there was a small planted area around the house, which was characteristic of the taste of the 1920s. These beds were restored in 2017 by landscape architect Charlotte Skibsted; the same year that an octagonal Orangery was also erected. The current area encompassed by Bakkehuset's garden is 2,500 square metres (0.6 of an acre) and is made up of a courtyard with a lawn and gravel area, the Orangery restaurant (lunchtimes only) and two other pieces of land that encompass the wings of the house.
The flower beds today have a diverse variety of plants, many of which were grown in Kamma Rahbek’s time. In addition to plant varieties that we know she cultivated in her garden others have been planted because they are the ones used in the decoration of her boxes, watercolours and other handicrafts where floral design had been such a major theme. The garden is planted in what can be described as a new take on the romantic style of garden.
The garden's winding paved paths enhance the feeling that you can explore at the same time as the various planting concepts unfold before your eyes. The garden is divided into seven different themes. Each area and the plants within it have been selected on the basis of Kamma Rahbek's vision of plants and their suitability given the soil type in the garden.
The layout of the garden has, among other things, taken into account Kamma Rahbek's penchant for plant colour composition; choosing as she did yellow, subtle yellowish to whitish hues and golden, pink and violet flowers.


Practical Information for a visit to the garden

The garden is open to the public year-round and admission is free. Part of the garden is locked at night.
The garden is part of the museum area and is an important part of the house’s history. It is not permitted to walk dogs in the garden behind the house neither is it permitted to pick flowers or indeed any other of the flora in the garden. Picnics and the consumption of food from off the premises is not permitted - we recommend a visit to the Orangery Restaurant instead.
Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the museum, or within the Orangery Restaurant or in any areas of the garden surrounding Bakkehuset.


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