In the courtyard in front of the chestnut tree stands a memorial to Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek. Shortly after Knud Lyne Rahbek's death in 1830, many of the author’s friends set out to raise a memorial to the dead man by subscription. Although Kamma Rahbek's name was not initially a part of the fundraising effort her name was included on the final memorial stone. The architect G.F. Hetsch and sculptor H. Freund were responsible for the design and execution of the memorial. The memorial depicts the profile of K.L. Rahbek in bas-relief and underneath, the name of his beloved wife. On the reverse side there is an image of a resting muse holding a lyre. Originally, the memorial was erected at the rear of Bakkehuset facing Rahbeks Allé, but it was later moved to its current location.

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Rahbeks mindestøtte flyttes historisk foto

The memorial being moved from the back garden


Buste af Sophus Michaëlis

In the shrubbery near the Orangery you can see a bust of the author Sophus Michaëlis, who had a very strong connection to Bakkehuset.


Rahbeks sten

By the staircase next to the main entrance there is a stone plaque inscribed with four names. K.L. Rahbek had once expressed a desire to have such a marker, bearing the names of those he saw as embodying the principles of freedom. Those individuals were Washington, Franklin, Lafayette and Rousseau, and this wish was realized approximately 100 years after his death when the museum was established.