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The original garden of Bakkehuset had in 18th century both an octagonal gazebo and an orangery. The form and content of these two buildings have been combined in a modern orangery in 2017, designed by "Rønnow Arkitekter", Laust Ovesen. Read more about the history of Bakkehuset or the Romantic garden.

Bakkehuset's modern Orangery serves as a restaurant during the summer season. Here, culinary experiences are offered in the form of delicate open sandwiches, cakes, wine, liqueur, coffee and tea, inspired by history though interpreted for modern taste buds.
In the Orangery, the emphasis is on the craft of cooking, fresh and seasonal produce. We are pleased to be able to offer you the very best. The Orangery "smørrebrød", traditional Danish openfaced sandwiches, are developed by our chef Anne Sofie Berlin, the wine is delivered by Rosforth & Rosforth, the bread is from Hart Bakery and our beer is from the local Frederiksberg Brewery. Akvavit (snaps) and fruit juice, derived from old recipes, are also on offer. In cooperation with Risteriet,(a special coffee supplier) we offer coffee, made with time and respect for the selected coffee bean.

The Rahbeks’ were known for their tea and the Orangery offers five great teas, supplied by Sing Tea House. Furthermore we have an excellent selection of desserts made by our skilled chef, Anne Sofie Berlin, and all inspired by Danish culinary history.

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Opening hours

Tuesday to sunday 11-17 from 30 April 2020.

Closed during the winter season.



The Orangery provides seating arrangements for 44 guests inside and outside.

A new booking system is under construction!

For information regarding allergies and other special needs, please contact the Orangery by email: .


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